A Survey of Behavioral Teams

Do you apply behavioral science in your work, to develop better products, communications or policies? If so, we’d like to learn more: we’re surveying behavioral science teams around the world.  As part of the process, you’ll be able to learn about the range of teams out there, from how big they are, to what they work on, to the challenges they’ve faced.

We first launched this survey in 2019, and received a wonderful response (390 organizations thus far, or more than 54% of all known teams).  Since then, we’ve analyzed the results and sent them out to everyone who participated.  Steve (one of the survey’s organizers) included them in the new edition of Designing for Behavior Change, and the Action Design Network has setup an online directory with each of the organizations that chose to be publicly listed which you can find on their site.

We are continuing the survey, to keep learning about our field. So please click the link below to fill it out if you haven’t already, or if you want to be added to the directory. If you are simply looking for a copy of the results, you can find it here.

This site and survey are a collaboration of: