Practical Resources for Our Community


Welcome to Behavioral Teams, a simple side-project that has evolved into practical resources to help illuminate, and support, the behavioral science and behavioral design community.   There are three main places to go here: resources (map, directory, report) about teams, about practitioners, and about researchers.

The Long Version

Do you apply behavioral science in your work, to develop better products, communications or policies? We do too.

The non-profit organizations Bescy (ex: Action Design Network)
, Busara Center, Applied Behavioral Science Association and Habit Weekly have teamed on up various projects to help our community.

Our collaborations started with a survey of behavioral teams back in 2019 – which had an awesome response (~ half of all known teams in the world responded).  You can find the report here.

Then we used that to build a public, free directory of teams around the world, and to start connecting and supporting the rapidly growing community of Behavioral Scientists in Latin America.

Now we’re working in a few areas.  First, we’re updating the original behavioral science directory of teams.  You can add or update your team info here. Second, we’re developing a new report on practitioners, including a public directory for those who want to be listed. That’s here. 

These are all-volunteer activities for everyone involved.  So, please have patience with us if there are problem with the site — and tell us so we can fix them, or even, better, volunteer to help!