Connecting Practitioners

Are you a Behavioral Science practitioner, interested in connecting with others in the field? If so, we’d love for you to join us, as we bring together a network of practitioners. (If you’re interested in Behavioral Science, but not yet working in the field, that’s ok – we have some resources for you below.)

A couple of years ago, we put out a survey of behavioral teams which provided the most comprehensive look at our field at date. We’re launching two new efforts to help support the community:  this one to connect practitioners, and a crowdsourced database of free BeSci and behavioral design resources

There’s no cost to participate: All that we (the non-profit Action Design Network, with help from the Busara Center) ask is that you bring your own experiences – and a willingness to share some of what you’ve learned.  We’re going to see who’s interested, try out some discussions, and see where it goes.   

Our first step in building this network is to better understand common challenges – and to identify which topics practitioners would most like to discuss with their peers.