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In 2019, O’Reilly Media asked Steve Wendel (one of the authors of this site) to develop the second edition of his book Designing for Behavior Change: a guide for organizations who want to apply behavioral science. 

As part of that process, Steve created a survey of behavioral science teams arounds the world.  In partnership with many great organizations Bescy, the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, the Behavioral Science Policy Association, Habit Weekly, and a friend from Gallup), we made the results available for the broader community.  By working together, we broadened its reach, and could analyze the results for everyone to use.

Now, Busara and Bescy (ex: Action Design Network) are pushing forward the next edition of this research: including a new report and directory about practitioners, especially about people and organizations outside of the US and Western Europe.

Thanks for participating!
Steve (founder of Bescy and VP at Busara), Zarak (Chairperson, Bescy), and Chaning (CEO, Busara)

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