Connecting Researchers

Are you a researcher in behavioral economics, behavioral science, or related disciplines (experimental and social psychology, cognitive and experimental economics, etc)? If so, we’d love to know about you and your research as we bring together a global network of behavior change researchers.
There’s no cost to participate: All that we (two non-profit organizations: Bescy and Busara) ask is that be open to sharing your experiences. 

We are especially interested in learning about, and helping publicize the work, of researchers outside of the US and Europe (especially the “Global South”).  

To start the process, we have two surveys: one about you as an researcher, and, one about your research papers that relate to the Global South (academic papers, white papers, etc).   

  1. We’re using the responses to publish a free, public report about behavioral science research (similar to our report on behavioral science teams).   
  2. We’re creating and promoting a public, free list of behavioral science research in or about the Global South.
  3. If you want to be listed, you can optionally have your name and expertise posted publicly in our new directory (similar to our directory of teams). 
  4. We’re organizing networking events and special interest groups; one will be focused on international development; we’ll likely have regional ones as well.
  5. We’re actively working to connect researchers on the list (especially in the Global South) with funding and partnership opportunities. 

Each is free and open to everyone, as part of our missions as non-profit organizations. 

Please note — This page is for researchers focused on generating knowlege in the academe or private sector. If you are primarily a Behavioral Science practioner, please use this page instead